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Carmen Huter Travel and Adventure Photographer

Carmen Huter Travel Photography


Firstly, can you start with a little bit about yourself?

My name is Carmen Huter, and I am a travel and adventure photographer. I am 25 years young, born and raised in a sleepy town in the Austrian Alps and call New Zealand home.

Carmen Huter Travel and Adventure Photographer

Can you give a breakdown of the equipment you use to create your images and why you selected it?

I always have and likely will always photography on Sony mirrorless cameras, as they offer incredible quality at less weight, which is crucial when you spend a lot of time in the outdoors.

Recently, I upgraded from the Sony a7ii to the Sony a7riii. I did so as the riii comes with so many more megapixels, much better autofocus, a more durable body and a greater shutter life.

Carmen Huter Travel Photography

My preferred lenses are the 16-35mm f2.8 (also new, I used the f4 beforehand which is just fine as well if the 2.8 is a bit too pricey for you too). The 24-70mm 2.8 is my go-to. My 35mm 1.4 I hardly use, but when I do, I find myself wondering why I don't make it my primary one. Finally, the 70-200 f.4 is excellent to create scale or photograph wildlife, and I plan to upgrade this one to a 2.8 one soon too.

For underwater photography, I use my Sonya7ii with an Aquatech housing and dome.

For aerial photography, I use the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, which was a well worth the upgrade from the DJI Mavic Pro.

All of the above goes into my Peak Design backpack, which is ethically made, comes with a lifetime guarantee and has served me very well so far.

Carmen Huter Travel Photography

What would be your favourite lens and why?

Right now, it would be the 16-35mm 2.8 because it's brand new to the family and beautifully sharp, without any harsh distortion.

What inspired your photography career?

A scholarship to study in China for one month a few years ago. I bought my first camera (Sonya6000) especially for this trip.

Carmen Huter Travel Photography

How would you describe your current photographic style?

Adventurous and blue, delivered with a strong message

Which photographers have influenced your journey?

Ansel Adams, Sebastiao Salgado, the hundreds of creatives I follow on Instagram, the many heroes whose work I come across in the National Geographic, Vogue, in documentaries, you name it.

But mostly, my work is inspired by the people and the natural environment around me.

Carmen Huter Travel and Adventure Photographer

Your underwater photography Is beautiful what made you decide to incorporate this into your work?

Thank you! I craved a new challenge and have always been both fascinated and slightly scared by big open waters (that's what growing up in a landlocked country does to you ha). I find underwater photography teaches me patience and allows me to live out my creativity without this all too common notion of recreating something I have seen before if you know what I mean.

Carmen Huter Travel Photography

You have an upcoming photography workshop in the Alps, why did you decide on this location?

I decided on the Austrian Alps and South Tyrol because it's where I'm from, and its mountains and people inspire me endlessly.

You have travelled all over the world, what is your favourite destination, and why?

Oh, I could never decide. But I sure do love being at home with my loved ones.

What do you hope people feel when they look at your work?

Inspired to create more than they consume.

Inspired to create action, get outside, explore notions of sustainability and find their inner creative.

Carmen Huter Travel Photography interview

Finally, do you have any advice for aspiring photographers?

It's all within you. There's only so many tutorials you can watch. It's time to get out there and start shooting. Also, always ponder on your intentions. The why is just as important, probably much more critical frankly, then the how.

Carmen Huter Travel and Adventure Photographer