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Interview With Rob Mulally Interview


Rob Mulally quit his job in IT to pursue a role as a freelance photographer. He has used social media as a platform to elevate his career. His journey is inspiring it was a pleasure to learn more about this exceptional creative.

Firstly, can you start with a little bit about yourself? 

I am Rob an old Nerd , 37 years old and I studied computer science until the age of 35 that was my career.

Interview With Rob Mulally Interview

You have an inspiring portfolio of work with so much diversity. Can you tell me how you got started in photography? 

I started using my phone in 2013 to take photos and posting them onto Instagram, a combination of meeting like-minded people via the app and also learning more about photography online threw me into a bit of an obsession. So I quit my job and pursued this as a career.

Interview With Rob Mulally Interview

You quit your job to become a full-time photographer what has the journey been like?

It is not a path a I recommend :) at least not cold turkey like I did, I always tell people that you need clients or people willing to pay for photos and I had no idea what that would look like and it is still an evolving process.

I feel grateful that through social media and amazing friends and family I’m able to connect with work creating images for others, as well as creating for myself and posting online.

Interview With Rob Mulally Interview

Can you tell me about your current setup and why you selected it? 

This is an evolving beast, my current Main body is a Sony A7R3 but I am lucky also to have a Panasonic GH5, G9 , DJI drone and Samsung Note 9 as well as some Go Pro’s , as a creator its more about what I want to create than what with. For the A7RIII I recently did some commercial car work and needed the combination of high speed frame rates, resolution and dynamic range.

Interview With Rob Mulally Interview

What time of day do you prefer to shoot at and why?

I prefer sunset because I like the feeling of the day finishing. However I enjoy taking images at night. I also love long exposure, light painting and milky way photos.

Interview With Rob Mulally Interview

What would you say inspires your creative vision? 

Tough question ! It's the practice itself observing what's around me and experimenting with different things I learn and see. I also have a strange abstract reasoning approach to the world so looking for fantasy in reality comes naturally to me, and now having done photography for a few years I feel like I’m just always looking for photos, it's fun and something I don’t fight.

Interview With Rob Mulally Interview

What do you look for when taking a photo? 

Balanced composition, obvious subject, light.

Among all your work what is the most memorable moment you have captured? 

This is also hard! I loved shooting an eclipse as it was an epic moment, but perhaps a simpler time was shooting a friend with a flare backlight with a flash, I wasn’t really trying to get a photo but the results were incredible and its one of my favourite shots.

Interview With Rob Mulally Interview

How do you continue to educate yourself to become a better photographer?

Keep taking more photos, keep looking at other photos and watching videos with tips I think I already know but it keeps adding ! another way is to help and teach others. Moving into video has also helped by keeping me on my toes and learning a whole new set of skills.

Interview With Rob Mulally Interview

Do you have a favourite destination? 

Visiting an active volcano in Vanuatu has been a highlight for me.

Is there somewhere you have been dying to shoot but are yet to capture it? 

I’ve not been to a lot of places! I’d really like to go to New Zealand and Canada.

Interview With Rob Mulally Interview

When you aren’t taking pictures what do you do for fun? 

I recently started learning to fly FPV racing drones, but I will admit my life has unashamedly revolved around photography for the last few years.

Interview With Rob Mulally Interview

Who are your greatest photography inspirations? 

This is difficult as well, I admire any artist who can do it for a living irrespective of what they create. I know too many amazing photographers and couldn’t possibly choose.

Interview With Rob Mulally Interview

Finally, do you have any advice for people just starting out in photography?

Find an image you like and try and copy it.

In doing this you will learn the fundamentals, then combining that with experimentation and being constructively critical of what you make you will naturally progress your imagery.

If you want to work as a photographer, find clients that resonate and be a good person it’s a VERY small world out there.

To view more of Rob's work see his website

Instagram @robmulally

Interview With Rob Mulally Interview