Five North Island Beaches To Surf And Photograph In New Zealand

Five North Island Beaches To Surf And Photograph

5 Beautiful New Zealand Beaches To Surf or Just Relax On @katnielsencreates

PIHA BEACH - Beach Break

Piha to me is the epitome of New Zealand’s rugged, wild, and natural beauty. This black sand beach can get some serious swell. It is a well known Surf Beach and the photography opportunities are endless. You can get a fantastic view of the entire beach with a short walk up Lion Rock.

Beautiful Beaches To Check Out In The North Island


It is quite a drive to get here on an unsealed road but it is worth the dirt your car will be covered in. Surf lessons with Aotearoa Surf School are available here and it is the perfect beach break to learn on.

Such a beautiful location however facilities here are very limited so make sure you pack some food and water to get you through the day.

Beautiful Beaches To Check Out In The North Island

OMAHA BEACH - Beach Break

This wouldn’t be the first pick for a good surf location. It is a beautiful photography opportunity though especially at sunset with peaceful pastel. I spent a lot of time here as a teenager and it’s it the perfect spot to sit back enjoy a picnic and relax with family or friends.

eautiful Beaches To Check Out In The North Island


Another great left and right beach break. If you are keen to learn the winter months see less people and an easy swell to start with. It can get incredibly busy during the summer though. The beach is patrolled in the warmer months. With alot to do in the area, you won’t be disappointed making the drive up here.

Try Bennetts Chocolates for a bit of lunch then pop upstairs to their gallery before taking a stroll on the beach. Another fantastic photography location.


GOAT ISLAND - Reef Break

Goat Island was the first established Marine Reserve in New Zealand which makes it an amazing location to snorkel or learn to dive. They also offer a glass bottom boat during the summer months. If you are not keen to get wet. You can see all the incredible fish that make this place home. A great place for the kids to learn more about what resides in these New Zealand waters, a short work up to the Marine Discovery Centre.

You can surf here, it has a sheltered right reef break that can get big when the wind is North East or Easterly. When I was here a few long boarders were just cruising along to a very tame 2ft.

Beautiful Beaches To Check Out In The North Island