Travel Advice To Get You Flying More

10 Travel tips with @katnielsencreates

Travelling can be expensive and out of reach for so many people. A few years ago after I had been Nursing for sometime. I made a conscious decision to make travel my greatest priority. Having a career like this has given me significant flexibility which is something I am really grateful for. You will never see me telling anyone to quit their job and hustle to travel, unless you want to, then by all means go for it. For me it is all about balance and choosing how you prioritise funds.  

The first time I travelled overseas I was 18. I decided to go to Thailand with a friend. Wow, that was an eye opener. Arriving in Bangkok was such a culture shock. Especially after living in New Zealand my entire life. I can still remember the smell and the heat when I first opened the door of the hotel, I just thought what have I done it really didn’t match the pretty travel brochures. Sometimes that is all part of the adventure and after the initial shock. I had a wonderful time learning about this fascinating country and the people who live there.

Travelling everywhere and anywhere is my greatest passion, along with photography and being able to do this with my family is really incredible. I encourage everyone to explore this wonderful world we live in and I never hesitate to take my son out of school to explore the real world.

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1. Be brand loyal in order to get Frequent Flyers

I have Velocity Gold and my partner has Platinum. Now the best thing with Virgin is they allow you to family pool your points and this makes it easier to maintain. Once one person has made their target you swap and pool their points to yours.

We do also have Qantas Frequent Flyers but they are so much harder to gain higher tiers with. Luke flies Qantas for work but I personally prefer the Virgin program.

However these points enabled me to get a $1000 Canon lens for only $200.

Points can be used for flights, upgrades, accommodation or in my case camera equipment. Having lounge access for late night flights is wonderful especially during long haul with stop overs. You can shower, change, charge your electronics and enjoy the food and beverages.

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2. Use Flybuys

Flybuys is the reason I got my gold Velocity Card to begin with. I transferred my points into Velocity rewards points regularly and in turn they gifted me a free membership for three months and to maintain it for a year I just had to fly once. 

If you shop carefully they attach huge points bonuses to certain products so I buy what I need that yields the greatest level of points. This means shopping at Coles, Shell, Liquorland, Kleenheat Gas, Ebay, Target, Kmart, Discovery Parks and Top Parks all these retailers provide points I can transfer to Velocity Rewards. They have also just recently introduced Freedom Furniture to the program as well.

For every $100 spent you will gain one status point, up to 10 points per month. A flight to Sydney from Perth Usually gets you 20 Status credits and this is what you need to maintain your status as a frequent flyer.

3. Shop around

Do your research online first I use Expedia to find most of my trip suggestions, then ask Flight centre what they can do. Sometimes its cheaper sometimes its not and when it isn't they, price match. 

As we tend to Fly Virgin to maintain points booking a package through them is also an option. Their website sends you to Expedia and if you do it through their website when booking you will get velocity points on your hotel as well.

Photo by  Leio McLaren (@leiomclaren)  on  Unsplash

4. Be prepared to go off season or choose a different airport

While sometimes this means the weather can be average not being surrounded by thousands of tourists is always a bonus for me. Flying and staying off season can save you a few thousand dollars. 

We spent five weeks in Europe when planning this trip it was $1200 cheaper to fly in to Brussels instead of Heathrow that is quite a savings.

5. Pack light

Learn to travel with carry on only. It saves you time and also means you can get better value flights. I still travel with a laptop, camera bag and backpack.

We travel with Osprey pack’s and Pelican cases for our camera and drone equipment.

Photo by  Dariusz Sankowski  on  Unsplash

6. Use a POINTS BASED credit card

I have a Bankwest Qantas World Credit Card this gives me travel insurance as well as Qantas points. Having this card saves me on international transaction fees which can cut into your holiday budget.

It would be more beneficial to have a Velocity related credit card but our bank prefers Qantas. Another option is to go with an interest free credit card like GEM Visa this give you six months interest free so you can pay off you holiday.

7. Booking flights

If you can book 3-4 months in advance you can usually save but don't be afraid to do last minute trips ether. Sometimes you can get some epic deals. If you are going to be searching for flights or accommodation, use the incognito feature in your browser to hide your history but also clear your cookies so booking websites aren't able to track your activity and raise the price on you. Use sky scanner for cheap flights.

Virgins #earnbassador

8. Virgins #earnbassador points program 

Virgin Airlines has recently introduced a hashtag that encourages you to promote Virgin’s frequent flyer program.

If you promote a Velocity benefit on your social media platform.

Simply tag @velocityfrequentflyer and use #earnbassador to be in with a chance to have your points balance topped up.

Flying with these partner airlines will also yield points.

  • Delta Air Lines Alliance.

  • Etihad Airways Alliance.

  • Hainan Airlines Alliance.

  • Hong Kong Airlines Alliance.

  • Singapore Airlines Alliance.

  • Air Canada.

  • Alitalia.

  • Hawaiian Airlines.

10 Travel Tips To Get You Flying More

9. Use Ola

Ola offers 1000 Virgin Velocity points for your first ride. Ola is a better value way to travel whether you’re heading to the airport, a night out, or you were thinking of grabbing a taxi.

Ola will get you there while earning you points so you can fly even more. Uber offer Qantas points.


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