Recommended Photography Workshops by Katherine Nielsen

Recommended Photography Workshops and Printing

Foto Frenzy Workshops Literally the most incredible workshop experience of my life. These guys know how to go above and beyond to provide you will all the tools to develop your imagery. The Surf and Lifestyle Workshop in Bali with Ted Grambeau and Phil Thurston is a must.

Lauren Bath Online Photography Course A fantastic and easy to comprehend, online program that you can do at your own pace.

Mikko Lagerstedt Photography Courses Mikko’s work is incredible his online courses are detailed and he gives you so many free tutorials on his website which is really worth checking out. He also does in person workshops.

New Zealand Workshops with Brent Purcell Brent’s Imagery is phenomenal his years of photography experience and teaching makes for a highly recommended opportunity, to take your photography to the next level.

Recommended Photography Workshops and Printing

The Clinque with Cait Meirs Female Surf Photography This is the perfect way to fall in love with surf and lifestyle photography in a fun and safe learning environment, with a small group of wonderful women.

The Wandering Lens Photography Guides and Workshops Lisa has an extensive website of travel guides, tutorials and incredible workshop opportunities. A highly successful travel photographer. Lisa’s workshops are organised, excellent value for money and they come highly recommended.

Travel Bootcamp Run by three incredibly successful business women, Lauren Bath, Georgia Rickard and Liz Carlson who will teach you everything you need know about making money from travel writing, instagram, blogging and travel photography.

How To Build Real Influence Online Lauren Bath Australia’s first Professional Instagrammer and Trey Radcliff who are both highly successful photographers, share what it really means to create an authentic social media of engaged followers.