Four Alternatives To Instagram For Creatives

The realisation that Facebook and Instagram are turning us into dopamine addicts. Has people seeking alternatives to showcase their creativity in a more meaningful, healthy and productive way. Unsurprisingly there are some fantastic options available.

Four Alternatives To Instagram For Creatives

YouPic is an app designed for photography enthusiasts. A community that inspires while reaching a global audience.

This app caters for Professionals as well as amateur photographers.
You are able to learn with intuitive courses available in all categories of photography. Get photography tips and see stats of your progress.

YouPic, is designed to take your photography to the next level. Over 1,5 million people are currently using YouPic.

Four Alternatives To Instagram For Creatives

Ello is touted as the app for Creators.

This platform includes all genres of creative expression including writing. It is the anti-Facebook.

Which is why I love it.

Four Alternatives To Instagram For Creatives

EyeEm this is an image sharing app that also put you images up for sale so you can make money from your work and connect with other like minded creatives.

It has a much better feel than instagram and who doesn’t want to make a bit of extra money if you’re not already selling your work.

Four Alternatives To Instagram For Creatives

500px is an app for photographers to discover and share incredible photos, gain worldwide exposure, and get paid for your work. Be inspired to push your boundaries creatively with a supportive community of over 15 million people. No memes, feature accounts or selfie’s just really epic photographs !!

Have you tried any of these alternatives, what are your thoughts on these apps ?