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Interview with Phil From Liquid Eye Water Housings

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Taking your photography into the ocean with @liquideyewaterhousings

Can you tell me the story behind Liquid Eye?

Established in 1995, Liquid Eye is a European based company that builds splash water housings for Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic DLSRs.

Our core market was and continues to be water sports such as surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, wake boarding, wave skiing, sailing, fishing and power boating.

Liquid Eye was started by a professional water sports photographer Philippe Chevodian. A perfectionist by nature, Philippe felt the need to improve upon the water housings that were available at the time. Philippe began innovating and designing his own water housings to meet his exact standards and requirements.

As an editorial photographer, he travelled the world searching for new waves. During this period Philippe was continually improving and perfecting his equipment, which attracted the attention of fellow photographers who began asking Phil to build them water housings—and so began Liquid Eye.

Our production is primarily centred on ergonomics, functionality, as well as weight, all critical factors for optimising gear for action, water photography.

Image by  Jason Childs

Image by Jason Childs

Why should people buy your liquid eye housing?

Three reasons: terrific customer service, excellent reliability and cutting edge technology.

Which professional photographers use your product?

Our team includes:

Sebastian Rojas, the most well-known surf photographer in Brazil.

Tim McKenna, a renowned Aussie water sports photographer, based in Tahiti.

Jason Wolcott one of the top kite surfing photographers from California

Jason Childs one of the best and most well-known Australian surf photographers.

• Diogo D’Orey who is considered the best fisheye lens surf photographer in the world today.

Henrique Pinguim, a top echelon Brazilian surf photographer.

Keale Lemos a rising star from Oahu’s North Shore.

Tommy Schultz a talented travel and ocean photographer that shoots for airline companies and Nat Geographic.

Do you currently have brand ambassadors?

We are in the process of launching an ambassador program very soon so keep your eyes out.

Which female ocean photographers are you predicting to have a successful career?

Maria Fernanda from Mexico and Anna Catarina from Rio are the ones we’ve heard good things about. But to be very honest, we do not know very well the photographer's scene nowadays. There are so many incredibly, talented photographers these days which is fantastic. We are still looking for a female in our team. We hope to find one soon.

Image by Kimberley from  Berlee Photography  of  Jack Nunn

Image by Kimberley from Berlee Photography of Jack Nunn

What sets you apart from other companies?

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and our leading edge technology. Compared to other major brands with similar technology, we are able to offer a more customisable product. We use Yellow as our main colour as it is easy to identify in the ocean, but our customers can select from a variety of tones.

We offer customisable packages that best suit’s your needs. We have a very unique pistol grip system developed from the very beginning of Liquid Eye, and we are the only company in the world to offer a 2 stage trigger with a long stroke between AF and shutter release which, when shooting in the water, is significant for the comfort of shooting.

Liquideye Water Housings

Where are your housings produced?

Our water housings are produced in Bali with some parts coming from France and other parts of Europe.

What are the standard controls, and do you offer customisation?

This depends on the water housing model. Some models are available in standard and advanced versions. The standard versions have few controls, while the advanced versions include the most useful controls for shooting in the water. Of course, if a customer requires it, for an additional cost, we can add extra controls. Some other models like our C6X00 range are only available with the full controls installed, but they remain very affordable compared to our competitors. Our website is full of information, and we even have a call centre for our customers in case they have issues figuring out what they need for their job.

Who are your favourite ocean photographers?

There have been many, but Jeff Divine, Aaron Chang, and Jeff Hornbaker are the names they come in mind when you speak about surf photography. More recently we admire Clark Little a lot for his fantastic work. We found many amazing talents nowadays, and social media are a real source of inspiration. There is now, because of social media, too many to name them all.

Image By  Артём Гвоздулин  using a Liquideye Water housing

Image By Артём Гвоздулин using a Liquideye Water housing

What is the warranty on your housings and ports?

All our water housing and accessories are warranted for one year.

What lenses do most people use for shooting surf photos?

The most popular is the fisheye lens. But we also sell a lot of small zoom ports such as the 17-35 range or 18-55 for prosumer cameras. Our zoom control is butter smooth, easy and efficient to use and because of this our customers like using their zoom lenses. This was not the case at the beginning. Mostly because zoom controls on other brands were not that easy to use. But now, people start to use it more and more. There is some sports were zoom control is really a big plus because of the speed of the subject they photograph. Sports like Kite surfing or Windsurfing are, and they go in every direction. Without reasonable zoom control, it is almost impossible to track them.

What depth can your housings go to?

We rate them to a depth of 10m, but some of our customers have gone deeper without any issues. Our housings are designed to float and are intended for action surface photography, not for diving.

Dive housings are designed differently for that application and are not well suited for action surface photography.

Image by  Tim McKenna  with Liquid Eye Water Housings

Image by Tim McKenna with Liquid Eye Water Housings

Where can I purchase a Liquid Eye water housing?

Only online for the moment at Liquideye.net

We ship worldwide. Most of the time, we are able to ship for free. Depending on your total order.

Customer service is essential for any housing user can you guarantee an excellent customer experience when people purchase from you?

This is one of our strongest points. If you read reviews on the internet, you will see we respond to our customers’ needs quickly and reliably. Our customers also benefit from our extensive knowledge based on years of experience as water photographers. We can recommend the best equipment for your needs, offer helpful tips, and we always do our best to ensure our customers get the most out of their equipment.

We are a beach brand who from the very beginning, has been fully committed to water photography and we love it. Liquid Eye is not a major company with unlimited funds, made by some wealthy businessmen. We are a company who work’s closely with our customers, and we want to keep it that way, because this is our life. Our consumers are our most valuable assets, and we cherish them as if they were part of our own family.