PGYTECH Mavic Pro Platinum HD ND Filters

PGYTECH Mavic Pro Platinum HD ND Filters

Review On Pgytech Mavic Pro Filters

PGYTECH was born from a real passion for action photography. As a company they have been developing some of the most advanced aerial platforms since 2010. During these last few years, they have been focusing on creating innovative accessories that enhance the experience of professionals and enthusiasts in the air, on the ground, and underwater.

PGYTECH design, produce and test their products in-house to guarantee the highest product quality. They love capturing the most significant moments of life from unique perspectives.

PGYTECH Mavic Pro Platinum HD ND Filters

PGYTECH have kindly given me these filters to try under no expectation, for me to be able to review these without bias. I have a range of drone filters already as I am used to shooting in harsh lighting conditions,  I rarely fly without them.

PGYTECH has created some incredible products for drone enthusiasts, go pro users and videographers using the ronin-s or Osmo. While polar pro seems to be more visible in the Australian market, I firmly believe that as people become more aware of what PGYTECH  have to offer they will be impressed with their product catalog.

The filters come in cool little metal case with foam for protection, making them easy to transport safely, as these are really compact. The first thing I noticed was how easy these filters were to put on. The gimbal calibration was excellent on all four filters, I have read this was an issue on previous reviews but never had an issue personally.


Designed to reduce glare and shutter speed while improving the colour saturation of your images. I enjoyed using these filters and think they are an excellent product for anyone who wants to get the best out of their drone imagery. You can create some really interesting long exposure images with these as seen below.

My only negative is that I prefer to have a CPL to intensify the colour’s with an ND for best results. These filters only offer the Neutral density feature. I am hoping that in the future this will be available as a combination filter.

Be sure to view more of what they have to offer on their website

Review PGYTECH Mavic Pro Platinum HD ND Filters