Interview With Jared Yeoward Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer by Katherine Nielsen

Jared Yeoward Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer

Firstly, can you start with a little bit about yourself?

My name is Jared, I'm a qualified builder by trade been doing that for 13 years, hung up my tools to find what lights me up.

Stumbled upon working at Lululemon and it was in the time I found out that I want to do photography for the rest of my life, it almost been 2 years since I first picked up the camera and I can't put me down.

I am New Zealand born and proud to call NZ home, I had recently been living in Australia for the last 6 or so years. Sydney, Adelaide and The Gold Coast. My fav was the GC, It's not like you hear about, you can go 45 mins, and you're in the mountains and the same, and you are at Byron Bay.

I am an identical twin, I'm the younger one by 7 mins. I love coffee like a lot, I will have a long black thanks, or a nice cold brew it's hot outside.

My favourite meal of the day is breakfast.

One of my other passions in life is PEOPLE, I learn from them and understand new ways of communicating and speaking. I will be a full-time Photographer in 2 weeks, Oh did I say like coffee???

Jared Yeoward Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer

What equipment do you use to create your images and why did you select it?

I'm a canon guy. It's a great brand, and I love the Colour science on skin tones. I have been using the 80d but have just upgraded to the 6d Mark ii. I edit all my images in Lightroom on a mac. I went mac because airdrop onto my iPhone makes life so much easier #lifechanging.

Jared Yeoward Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer

What would be your favourite lens and why?

That's a hard one... For portrait shots, I love the nifty 50mm It's just so crisp and clean, for $160 it's to good pass up and everyone should have it!

And for landscape / Lifestyle canon 24-105mm L4 ( and I was going to sell it ).

Jared Yeoward Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer

Which photographers have inspired you and why?

Man so many, Mostly everyone I follow on the gram. But if I were to put it to a couple, it would have to be Peter Mckinnon because I started watching his youtube when I first started out, and he has given some great advise that has helped me. I wouldn't say I want to be like him, but I appreciate how his journey. The next would be The legend In Sydney Lindon Marceau @marceauphotography he only shoots natural light, a lot of fitness models and swimwear. But what I really love about him is that he wanted to take the time to hang out with me when I was amateur as and just hang out. He has given me great feedback on my shoots and has always offered to be there for a friend and Photographer. We need feedback; it's a gift.

Jared Yeoward Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer

What do you think has helped form your world view?

Great question, For me and it's been hard at times understanding is this is my journey, not anyone else's, so It's going to look totally different. By all means, you can be inspired by someone and want to replicate their work. However, I felt this was sending me down a path that didn’t resonate with who I was and I started to lose my passion because it wasn't me.

I need to walk my own journey and not be so worried if someone is doing it better than me, but celebrate them. Not everyone is going to like what you produce, and that's ok, Heck I don't always like what Peter puts out but I can appreciate his work.

That's another thing I need to enjoy my own Art and look back to see how far I have come. Not playing that game of comparison is essential for creative drive, otherwise It will kill your joy and passion. It certainly did for me.

Three things you have learnt this past year?

Value who are you and what you have to offer. Be proud of the work you do. You can put a dollar sign on, and it's ok. If you know you can produce a great result be bold and know your real value, then other people will see that too.

That people are only doing the best that can, with what they know and understand, and If I hate them, I hate apart of myself.

keep practising your skill, get out there and try different shots, try different locations and genres ( I'm preaching to myself as well ) Use one lens rather 3 different ones to challenge yourself.

Jared Yeoward Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer

What inspires your creative vision?

Conversations with people that are doing what they love, it like a fresh wind on my fire that I already carry. I get some ideas in those moments and helps me remember what I do and what I do It.

Real conversations about everything. How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Jared Yeoward Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer

How have you developed your imagery over the years?

A Printer... lol no jokes.

This is easy for me to answer and it's harder than you think. But what I have done is Change who I am. When my I change/develop my inner world my outer will vary; therefore my outlook in what I see will be different because I'm tapping into a deeper/higher version of myself. SO in a nutshell It going through the journey of Healing from past wounds.

How would you describe your current photographic style?

Hmm, I would say Lifestyle, but I think changes all the time. But I do want to move into portrait photography.

What is something you wish people understood about photography?

Don't to for the likes, and that it is not just put a preset and it's done. Find your style/ find what YOU love not what other people enjoy.

Jared Yeoward Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer

How do you maintain your enthusiasm for creating?

I go out and shoot with other photographers, and I keep learning. Finding people that love what you do is vital. We all loose enthusiasm and that's ok but know just by taking your camera and going for a walk and don't put pressure on yourself to shoot, just be. But find what fills your cup up ! #key

What do you hope people feel when they look at your work?

I would like people to feel heard and understood, I want people to see and feel what I capture ( I'm still working on that)

Interview With Jared Yeoward Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer

Finally, do you have any advice for aspiring photographers?

Learn the basic camera fundamentals, ISO, F-stop and shutter speed. Find people that inspire you, and I believe this will start you on a path to where you want to go. The most important big is to trust in the journey and view mistakes as a negative, just enjoy it for what this journey is right now in this moment, take time, heck I'm still at that place. But just enjoy what you do that is where the true riches in life are.

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