Tom Noske Landscape Photographer and Digital Artist

Tom Noske Landscape Photographer and Digital Artist


Who is Tom Noske? 

I’m a 23-year-old Photographer & Filmmaker from Melbourne, Australia. I found my love for creating around mid 2017 after buying my first DSLR. I bought this out of a desire to bring a bit of balance back in my life. Up until that point I was working full time as a Personal Trainer, and studying Heath Sciences at university, two things that really weren’t bringing me the fulfilment I once imagined they would!

So I very quickly started spending all the spare time I had either shooting or editing, and almost immediately fell in love. And now I’m here, no longer working as a PT, taking some time away from university to see how far I can take this passion. 

How would you describe your current photographic style? 

I think the first thing that comes to mind is ‘dreamlike’, I love to create images that visually, look like real life, but feel like they’ve been taken right from a dream.

What inspires your creative vision? 

I’m inspired a lot by music, when I’m out shooting, it’s the environment I’m In that inspires me, so that varies massively. During the edit, where the vibe and feel of the image comes to life, it’s music that makes me feel something that’s always my biggest inspiration for the way my images come together. 

Tom Noske Landscape Photographer and Digital Artist

What equipment do you use to create your images? 

I use a Canon 1dx mark ii with a 24-70mm 2.8, this is what I use for most of my handheld work, but I also own a 70-200mm that use for certain situations.

Additionally, I have my DJI Mavic pro, which is used for most of the shots you see on my Instagram!

I’m also a huge fan of ND filters, in particular, my B+W ND10. I use this for almost all my dslr landscape shots! 

Your drone work is stunning what do you enjoy most about drone photography? 

I really love drone photography because it allows me to compose my image exactly how I want, I’m not just restricted to what I can achieve from the ground! And I love this, especially for introducing scale, which is something I’m always looking for in my shots! 

What would be your favourite lens and why? 

That’s a tough Question… My Favourite for strictly photography, would have to be my 24-70mm 2.8. It’s an amazing lens for just about everything, on a full frame, 24mm is wide enough to take some amazing landscape shots. And then 70mm is just enough to really isolate a subject for something like portrait photography. It’s also a fast lens at f2.8 which always helps! 

Tom Noske Landscape Photographer and Digital Artist

What are your go to settings when you shoot? 

Probably controversial, but I shoot all my drone shots on auto! I have it set to negative 1 stops, and ISO 100, then let the exposure work automatically, I just find it easier this way when shooting things like surf, it allows me to focus on the surfers, or the composition, rather than my settings!

With my dslr photography, I’m a sucker for day time long exposures! So I’ll often be using an ND filter and have my exposure down around 5”- 15” depending on light! 

Do you have a favourite destination for photography? 

Either the beach or the mountains, I can’t decide between them, but whilst I’m here in Australia, for now, it’s the beach!

What is the most challenging aspect of being a photographer? 

Maintaining a level of creative inspiration! We all have moments where we can’t stop creating amazing images, but we also all have those times where we may go weeks without picking up a camera! And for me that’s probably the hardest part! 

Tom Noske Landscape Photographer and Digital Artist

Among all your work what is your most memorable capture? 

My most memorable capture would have to be the three sisters in Canmore, Alberta at sunrise! It was 3 or 4am, completely dark out, there was no path leading to this spot, all I had to go off was a photographer’s forum I had researched the night before which told me to follow a frozen river bed to get there. I ran into a lone wolf on the way out, still thankful he seemed more scared of me than I was of him. And then when I finally got there, unlike every other spot in Banff during January, I was the only one out there, so it felt pretty incredible when I was greeted by one of the most incredible displays of light and colour I’d ever experienced! 

Tom Noske Landscape Photographer and Digital Artist

What methods do you use for editing, can you explain your workflow? 

My workflow is a combination of Lightroom and Photoshop. I’ll use Lightroom initially to correct my white balance, manipulate the colors, and begin to bring in the tone I am looking to achieve! Then depending on how happy I am with the shot, I’ll move the photo into Photoshop to either ‘clean up’ the shot, or make any changes, (sky, subject position, specific colors etc.)

Once I’m happy with that I move the photo back into Lightroom to finish with some light and shadow exaggeration, which is where I find the image really comes alive! I do this with a technique known as dodging and burning, and the use of the filters available in Light room! 

Tom Noske Landscape Photographer and Digital Artist

How do you educate yourself to become a better photographer? 

Constantly shooting! The more I shoot the more opportunity I have to learn. I’ve always been the type of person who learns by doing, so for me this is the best way. I also love shooting with different people when I can, I find this really helps you develop your eye for composition and unique editing style. And lastly, I am regularly attending the school of Youtube. 

Who would you say are your greatest creative influencers and inspiration?  

I think by Far the biggest inspiration to my style and work is a guy named @Karl_shakur. His work has a dreamy and out of this world feel to it that I’ve always admired, I think he is the perfect example of someone who treads the line between real and imagination perfectly. Then obviously, I’m inspired by @petermckinnon, hes definitely one of the main reasons I started photography and filmmaking in the first place! 

Tom Noske Landscape Photographer and Digital Artist

Lastly, what advice would give someone starting out in photography?

SHOOT EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME & EDIT ALL THE TIME. This may be very individualized advice but for me, I learnt by doing, and when I ran into a road block, I’d google it, learn it, then use it! So the best thing you can do when starting out is just shoot everything in all conditions, learn what you enjoy, what you don’t enjoy, where you’re talents are and where you might not be super talented. The creative arts are a lot like doing exercise, you can study how to run as much as you want but you’re not going to get any fitter until you start running! And I think photography, or any creative pursuit is a lot like that. 

To see more of Tom's work www.tomnoskephotography.darkroom.tech