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Camille Robiou Du Pont Ocean and Lifestyle Photographer

Camille Robiou Du Pont Ocean and Lifestyle Photographer


Firstly, can you start with a little bit about yourself?

My name is Camille, I'm 27 years old, and I grew up in France. I left home when I was 21 to finish my Graphic Design Masters in Shanghai, and arrived in the Philippines in 2016. I'm passionate about nature, colours, feminity, and I am obsessed with light.

Camille Water and Lifestyle Photographer

How would you describe your current photographic style?

I don't really know how to describe my work, I think it's a mix of my daily emotions and the light around me. I love very minimalist content with pastel colours and equally enjoy, very contrasted black and white portraits. I guess it really depends on the subject and my mood!

Most of the time I'm trying to express my feelings and the connection I have with the subject and the environment. It's essential for me to ensure the model remains relaxed and has fun so the photos can shine the same way during our exchange. I want to share a story that mixes dream and reality.

Camille Water and Lifestyle Photographer

What inspires your creative vision?

My artistic vision will develop and change as I continue to explore new ideas, find new sources of inspiration, and as my experience with photography develops.

Creativity is about focusing on what you like and not trying to match something you're not. It's essential to stay true to yourself. I feel it can be tough today to stay away from the social media pressure and to not fall into the "easy" content just to get more likes trap. You need to force yourself to experiment again and again, and not to be scared about what people think.

Camille Water and Lifestyle Photographer

How has your Master's Degree in Graphic Design influenced your photography?

I think it helps me a lot to experiment with colours and the composition in my photos. I always try to imagine my picture as painting and think of how I can make it as vibrant as a graphic art piece.

What genre of photography brings you the most joy?

Underwater photography, and especially if it is with wildlife. I really want to focus more on animals of the sea but I haven't had the opportunity yet to develop this passion. My biggest dream is to photograph the underwater giants, like whale sharks orcas or giant manta-rays!

Camille Water and Lifestyle Photographer

Can you tell me about the equipment you use to create your images and why you selected it?

For the lifestyle and fashion on land, I have a Canon 6D, with a 16-35mm, 24-70 and 100-400 (very helpful for surfing photos when I can't go to the water)

Underwater, I use a Sony A600 with a 16-50mm or a 35mm, and housing from Liquid Eye. It is very comfortable for me to shoot with as the water housing is small and easy to manage in massive waves.

I do want to upgrade my equipment, and I'm thinking to invest in a water housing for my Canon 6D, now that I'm more comfortable in the water.

Camille Water and Lifestyle Photographer

You are currently located in the Philippines what it is like living and working here?

I'm feeling so grateful and happy to be based there, I'm enjoying every day. The nature, the ocean and the people of the island are just amazing.

I have learned to live in basic accommodation and to distance myself from the superficial aspect of city life. My day is basically guided by the tides and the weather.

I feel freer to focus on what I love and to connect my work with the environment. I also really feel a big difference in my personal life, I do believe the ocean helps me a lot to feel more self-confident and to love more myself.

Camille Robiou Du Pont Ocean and Lifestyle Photographer

Can you talk about your proudest body of work to date?

I know I am yet to reach my full potential and I am still waiting to shoot orcas and whales shark ;)

Camille Robiou Du Pont Ocean and Lifestyle Photographer

Have there been any photographers that made a lasting impression on you?

I have always been impressed by the work of

Tamara Lichtenstein

Ren Hang

Jeremy Snell

I'm also discovering so many artists about the ocean such as Ben Thouard (who is for me a genius in the water) or even Karim Iliya.

Camille Water and Lifestyle Photographer

What do you enjoy most about making films?

I love telling stories, playing with images and editing. The possibility is even more critical in videos than photos because it's a mix of sounds, movement, light, rhythm.

Camille Water and Lifestyle Photographer

Have you ever had any experiences in the ocean that really scared you?

Yes, I do… haha, many actually! But the worst one was when I was shooting with a pro surfer in Cloud 9, with huge waves. After an hour, I was getting fatigued, so my attention was not on the fact the waves were getting bigger and bigger, with the low tide a reef spot becomes super dangerous. If you wipe out. I didn't dive deep enough in on a wave, and my camera gets ripped from my hand and literally wipe out while I was trying to swim over the waves coming. I was lucky enough a surfer gets the camera and gives it to the kids on the beach.. and it wasn't broken mama mia !!

Camille Water and Lifestyle Photographer

Finally, do you have any advice for aspiring ocean photographers/videographers?

Always try new concepts, play with your camera and settings, shoot with people you know so you can feel comfortable. Change locations and go at a different time to see how the light is.

Discover and re-discover possibilities with your imagery.



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