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Ale Sellers Spanish Surf and Ocean Photographer

Ale Sellers Surf and Ocean Photographer


Firstly, can you start with a little bit about yourself?

Hello! I am Ale, 30, from Alicante, Spain.

I have been carrying cameras in my hand since I was a teenager, practising board sports since I was a child and I have lived by the sea all my life, that’s how I ended up as a photographer who specialises in surf.

I studied a bit of Graphic Design before working as a customer service and social media manager, content creator and creative designer. Photography was just a hobby until I decided to make the leap my job and lifestyle.

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What equipment do you use to create your images and why did you select it?

Currently I am using a camera Canon 7D mark II, when I bought it I was shooting a lot of motorbikes, skate and surf from the land, so I was focused on a quick response camera, this one was the faster camera on the market, perfect for sports photography and I sincerely love it. However I do miss, having a full frame.

I’m using 50mm, 24-70mm and 300mm.

I use an SPL A-series waterhousing with the 50mm.

The Creative Series Interview @alesellers

What would be your favourite lens and why?

24-70mm is the one I a, most comfortable with but I can’t say it is my favourite.

As a Female surf Photography do you come up against any challenges?

Not as a female photographer, because there is value in your work not because of your gender.

But yes in daily life, especially in areas or countries with religions and people with closed minded, sometimes being a female makes it more difficult to just do my job.

The Creative Series Interview @alesellers

Which photographers have inspired you, and how did they influence you?

I was working previously for seven years in a surf/skate/snow shop. This inspired a lot if not all of my imagery. Inspiration I found in magazines, catalogues and the exposure to different brands. Later with Instagram I found even more images and artists. The most inspirational for me are:

Xué Gil Guidonet (@xuegil), when I met him few years ago in Portugal, he was a really young guy working as a photographer (that impressed me), I was so surprised with how passionate he was with his work and life, since then, everything he does I resonate with even more, because I know all the love he puts into creating.

Sebastien Zanella (@sebzanella), I imagine his camera is permanently hanging from his neck 24/7 and that’s why he has such magical content.

Benoit Lalande (@benn) Creates magic with Motos, surf & people. The movement he shows in his pictures is just spectacular, I love it!

And Finally: Josh Penn Soskin (@joshsoskin), check his account and you will understand why he is so inspirational.

The Creative Series Interview @alesellers

Do you think you need to be a surfer to shoot the ocean?

I am not a surfer (I try), but I prefer to shoot the ocean and the people enjoying everything she has to offer.

I don’t believe It is necessary to know how to surf, but you have to be comfortable in the ocean, understand the sea conditions, how waves break and why, currents, tides, dangers, etc.

Three things you have learnt these past year?

An amazing question, at the time of writing this it is exactly one year since I quit my “normal” life working in an office, based in my hometown, having experienced a difficult few months starting my journey as a full-time photographer, travelling and shooting.

So I have learned a lot of things, in this time on earth. The most important:

  • Invest in your mind

  • Invest in your happiness

  • Invest in yourself

The Creative Series Interview @alesellers

What inspires your creative vision?

Since the beginning photography has been a way to express myself and the way I see in my life. Basically everything I am surrounded by and my word view.

I immerse myself with music, armed with pilot pen and my notebook in order to draw the images I create in my head so I can shoot these concepts later on.

How have you developed your imagery over the years ? What steps have you taken to develop your work?

My photos always represent what I see, and at the same time I have watched my own evolution through experimentation. In addition, I have been influenced by the different styles of photo editing that have become fashionable during the past few years.

I never stop learning, reading about photography and trying new things (lenses, accessories, etc.) all this is reflected in my work.


How would you describe your current photographic style?

I would say it is a contrast between aggressive and a girly , feminine touch ✨

Have you ever had an experiences in the ocean that really scared you?

Not really, I read about people who have come face to face with sharks, these are incredible stories.

I have had some bad experiences with the strong currents, ones in the Maldives the captain of our boat had to save me with a rope because as much I tried. It became impossible to swim out of the rip and back to the boat without assistance.

The Creative Series Interview @alesellers

Do you have any projects you are currently working on?

My current project is to survive as a surf photographer! Hahaha. As I mentioned before, it has been one year since I began this journey and the professional aspect isn’t an easy path. Making a living off Surf Photography is challenging.

I have a mind full of ideas and projects that I hope to get into really soon.

The Creative Series Interview @alesellers

Finally do you have any advice for aspiring ocean photographers?

Keep paddling and don’t copy other people.

As much as you will been in the water shooting, as much you will been get inspired and learning from others, will be as much you will found your own style and reliability.

Website:  www.alesellers.com

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Ale Sellers Surf and Ocean Photographer