Emily Avery Melbourne Drone Photographer

Emily Avery Melbourne Drone Photographer

INTERVIEW WITH @averyaerial_photography

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

I am a 26 year old who has grown up in Melbourne, Victoria. I have always lived in the city but even from a young age, always desired to be in the ocean or on adventures, traveling through our amazing landscape. It has always been hard to keep me in one place I am always striving to explore and experience adventures. I was also your typical tomboy, someone who was always playing with the boys and could never put down a ball.

My two favourite things in life are exploring and sport and that’s why I have now found myself in these two occupations – photography and football coaching. 

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Can you talk me through your editing process as well as some of your favourite editing apps?

I do most of my editing through Adobe Lightroom CC and Classic. I like Lightroom CC as it stores all of your work online so you can access this on both your computer and phone when you’re on the go. I do use photoshop but I am still learning and need a little more practice!

Emily Avery Melbourne Drone Photographer

Are there any places you wish you could photograph from the air?

North Stradbroke Island is on the top of my list. The swirling turquoise colours that come from the tides and sandbanks are absolutely stunning. I also visited the NT and Western Australia last year but without my drone. I am keen to head back there and explore from an aerial perspective!  

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What equipment are you currently flying with and any must have accessories?

I currently fly a Mavic Pro Platinum and he’s named Marvin, him and I are best mates! I also have a 5.5inch Crystalsky Monitor and use Polar Pro filters. The Crystalsky is a must have in my eyes as it is antiglare, so you can use it in the middle of a sunny day and the brightness compared to an Iphone or Ipad is insane! I also macgyvered, a very high tech anti swoop mechanism for birds.

This consists of 4 reflective strips from Bunnings (yes I got a snag on the way out) that I have cut and stuck on Marvin myself! This has been surprisingly effective and has decreased birds swooping dramatically. 

Noosa Beach Landscape

What image are you currently most proud of?

A recent photo I captured of the Noosa Spit. There isn’t a background story to the photo, I just love the hues and composition. I remember finding the spot and smiling as I was so in love awe of it.

Emily Avery Melbourne Drone Photographer

What has been your most memorable travel experience?

This is a tough question as I have been to so many incredible places. But I would have to say my most memorable travel experience was a road trip I did at the start of 2018.

Myself and two mates drove from Melbourne to Darwin in 3 weeks. I had never done anything like it and it really pushed boundaries in my experiences. 

Emily Avery Melbourne Drone Photographer

Do you have a favourite perspective you like to capture?

Top downs of seascapes and beach culture would have to be my favourite. Every time I get the drone up I am amazed at what I end up finding. You are so used to seeing the ocean from a ground perspective yet there’s so much more you can see looking from above. The Noosa Spit would be my favourite location to photograph as the tide and sandbars change the textures every single day, you never know what you’re going to get. 

Emily Avery Melbourne Drone Photographer

Which drone/aerial photographers inspire you right now and why?

Sean Scott is an incredible photographer. I absolutely love his aerial images and am always in awe of his road trips! He definitely inspires me to get out and explore our beautiful country! I also love the colours that Ben Mackay shoots. 

Emily Avery Melbourne Drone Photographer

Do you have any epic drone failures or crash stories?

When I first started out with my spark I had a couple of minor crashes. But the most epic one would have been the time my spark lost compass control and started flying itself. I had absolutely no control over it but luckily it was at eye height so I went after it and managed to catch it mid flight. The drone was fine but unfortunately my hand wasn’t. Don’t ever try and catch your drone while it’s flying kids!! Turns out there was a manufacturing error and DJI replaced the drone. 

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What led you to drone photography?

I’ve always had an interest in photography as my dad was a wedding photographer but what really pushed me along was my cousin, who gave me one of her old cameras a few years ago. I was always inspired by her photos and it started a fire in me to learn. What led particularly to drone photography was that I love the different perspective.

I also have a back injury which prevents me going to certain locations with a grounded camera. Being able to fly a drone to capture photos has given my many more opportunities to take photos of what I want without affecting my injury. A lot of the time you’ll see me sitting in my camping chair with my remote and a big smile on my face.

Emily Avery Melbourne Drone Photographer

What inspires your creative vision?

The ocean. I find it incredibly calming and it’s home to me. As cliché as it sounds I could be anywhere in the world but if I’m at a beach, I feel at home. I have travelled to 28 countries in my 26 years and Australia still hands down has the most beautiful beaches you can find. We are extremely lucky and I try and never take that for granted.

Glasshouse Mountains

Do you have an exciting projects you are currently working on?

At the moment I am trying to build my online print collections for my website. I also am undertaking my RePL and if successful look forward to applying for my ReOC. 

Emily Avery Melbourne Drone Photographer

Finally do you have any advice for aspiring aerial photographers?

I am self taught but have also had help from friends and aerial photographers through Instagram like yourself! My advice would be practice as much as you can and reach out to like minded creatives. The thing I have found most pleasing about the aerial industry is everyone is extremely welcoming and always happy to help. Utilise others knowledge and help each other as you go along!

Also stick to CASA’s guidelines !

Emily Avery Melbourne Drone Photographer

If you’re ever in Melbourne or Sunshine Coast let me know as I always love a flying buddy!

To view more of Emily’s work see her website: https://www.averyaerialphotography.com

Instagram @averyaerial_photography

Emily Avery Melbourne Drone Photographer