Ally Cartledge Drone Photographer and Painter

Ally Cartledge Photographer and Artist

Interview with Ally Cartledge @ally.photog

Firstly, can you start with a little bit about yourself? 

I’m a 23 year old Perth girl, I have lived here my whole life. I love the outdoors, nature and anything to do with photography.

Five years ago I decided to get a camera and haven’t put it down since. I am completely self-taught.

Ally Cartledge Photographer and Artist

Can you give a breakdown of the equipment you use to create your images? 

I use a Nikon D3200, a gopro hero 5 and lastly a Dji Spark drone, or sometimes even just my iPhone.

How would you describe your current photographic style? 

My current photography style is mostly landscapes, wildlife and beachscapes. I try to be unique with my captures – it can be a little hard sometimes as there are so many amazing photographers out there! But I give it a go by trying to capture things in a different perspective and to capture things the way I see them more than what they actually are if that makes sense.

Ally Cartledge Photographer and Artist

What would be your favourite lens and why? 

My Favourite lens would be my 55mm-300mm lens for my Nikon, I love to shoot animals and sometimes it’s hard to get up close to them so with this lens I can usually get a pretty good shot.  

What do you love about drone photography? 

I love that it shows a different perspective of things/places and sometimes shows you things you can’t always see in person. It gives you the chance to explore so much. It’s almost like having a plane and boat at the same time! 

Ally Cartledge Photographer and Artist

Where is your favourite destination to shoot? 

Favourite destination at the moment would have to be the South West of WA’s coastline, it’s such a beautiful place with so many different landscapes and I can always find something new to shoot down there.

Is there somewhere you would love to shoot but haven’t had the chance yet? 

Yes, I would love to shoot in the Kimberley's of WA it looks unreal and is definitely somewhere that’s been on my list for a while now. I’m hoping to make it there some time in the next year.

The top end of Queensland would be another spot on my list also.

Among all your work what is your most memorable capture? 

My most memorable capture would have to be capturing a large pod of dolphins with my drone down south of WA back in April, I had never spotted an animal with my drone before so to see so many at once was really incredible. My drone just made it back in time before it started raining, so that was very lucky.

Ally Cartledge Photographer and Artist

What methods do you use for editing? Can you explain your workflow? 

I have pretty basic editing methods and skills at this stage as I’m pretty new to the industry and still learning.

At the moment I only use the Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom apps on my iPhone. My workflow is pretty steady. 

I try to edit a several shots a week but sometimes fitting it in can be hard.

How do you educate yourself to become a better photographer? 

Practise ! also the photographers I follow on Instagram inspire me to improve as I’m always seeing different techniques that I’m eager to try out.

Lastly I find travelling helps me build up skills as well as it gives me the opportunity to capture completely different landscapes in many ways. 

Ally Cartledge Photographer and Artist

Who would you say are your greatest influencers and inspirations? 

Greatest influencers would mostly come from documentaries I’d say. The ‘David Attenborough’ documentaries always inspire me to get out there and shoot, other ones that have inspired me are ‘Ocean Giants’ and ‘South Pacific.’

The work these photographers do in these documentaries is just incredible and the way they’re so passionate about this planet is amazing. It’s definitely a dream of mine to do something like this in the future.

Ally Cartledge Photographer and Artist

Where is your favourite location to shoot?

Definitely the ocean – you never know what you’ll find.

Lastly, what advice you would give someone starting out in photography? 

My advice would be, practise and continue to learn as much as you.

Ally Cartledge Photographer and Artist