Jason Hickson - Iphone Ocean Photography


Jason Hickson - iPhone Photography and the joys of the journey.

Jase and I over look my favourite surf break and discuss his love for ocean imagery. He talks about how he started, what he loves shooting and the reason he uses an iPhone 8 with AxisGo housing from AquaTech. We also mull over most creators Achilles heel, social media, in particular Instagram and how it relates to his work. You'll enjoy this conversation if your just starting out, or a veteran ocean lover. Theres layers to Jason and in this, the first real Episode of my new podcast I peel back a few to reveal a relatable story of a man chasing the ever elusive clarity.

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Enough reading! Go create some art, get some bangers, get some water on ya! - Odell

Jason Hickson - Iphone Ocean Photography