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Travis Johnson with Chasing Clarity Host Odell Harris

Travis Johnson. I want to shoot heaving Pipe!

Travis Johnson - I want to shoot heaving Pipe !

Travis "Don" Johnson's head bobs just above the water in the impact zone. This is where he's most happy, this is where I meet him the morning of our non-scheduled recording. "The Don" a flamboyant child of the 80's had attended the first ever Water Rats event two weeks previous and had expressed his desire to be among the likes of Zac Noyle in the line up of Pipeline. "Thats a pretty big goal big fella." I remarked, "I'd be keen to hear about it". Travis is a relative new comer to the world of ocean imagery, specifically surf photography , he has a hunger I recognise. In this conversation we pick apart that hunger and take on board the many lessons he's learnt from the likes of his idol's Ted Grambeau and Corey Wilson.


You can't help but be inspired to get your fins in the water and start licking your lens once you've listened to Travis's passion for the craft and his determination to chase that formidable thing....

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A community you might want to have a look at is The Water Rats Ocean Photography Club, its in its infancy, onward in 2019.

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Go create some art, get some bangers, get some water on ya! - Odell

Travis Johnson. I want to shoot heaving Pipe!