Craig Halstead - Podcast With Host Odell Harris


Craig Halstead - How to have longevity in the surf film industry and film the best surfers on tour.

16 years of filming some of the best surfers on the planet is what Craig Halstead brings to this episode. It's scorching hot on an early morning over looking the famous Kirra right hander, today a waist high, fuller tide swell crumbles along the famed point. "There hasn't been a decent swell for a while now!" calls an older gentleman hunched over in pain and shuffling toward me. "I still get to the beach at 4:30 in the morning...every morning." He continues, now closer. Craig directs me to a seating area and we begin our conversation for the show.

Just like the daily clips he creates, his penchant for story telling is matched by few and he begins with some straight away. A lot can be learned by listening to those with far more experience, I hope you'll take away as much as I did sitting with one of the areas long serving stalwarts. I'd love to see your work and hear your thoughts on my new show 'Chasing Clarity' Please get in touch via Instagram - @senseiodell If you want to help the show grow it's awesome to subscribe, great to rate on your podcast player BUT amazing if you share the show with someone, on your stories or with a group.

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Craig Halstead - Go create some art, get some bangers, get some water on ya! - Odell