Jake Brereton Go Pro Ocean Photographer

Jake Brereton Go Pro Ocean Photographer

Jake Brereton. The bringing together of a community.

In this episode, just in time for another Ocean Imagery Creatives get together, I talk to the face and driving force behind the social event Jake Brereton. We discuss his imagery journey thus far and how a crowded and less than friendly surf line up got him started.

Jake tells me what the ocean and shooting only GoPro means to him and if you listen really hard, even shares his beat boxing skills. He's a good man a social guy, always up for a chat and nothing is too much for his mates.

Enjoy the show and look for him at the next gathering.

Jake Brereton Go Pro Ocean Photographer

Details of the meeting: 24th Feb 2019, 5:30am, Burleigh Beach.

All levels welcome, its a social gathering as well as a creative one. Swell predictions are MASSIVE, conditions will be assessed on the day. With cyclone Oma and Huey pumping us overhead barrels at the moment and double the size forecast it could be a day on the sand for me and many others. I'll be running around collecting audio for the show so please don't be afraid to say hello.

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Jake Brereton Go Pro Ocean Photographer

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