Why I Created The Creative Series Website

The Creative Series - Kat

Art Connects Us 

Art is how we have communicated, celebrated, and recorded our lives since the beginning of time. It is a central part of what makes us human. Without creative people, innovation would be non-existent. Being creative is so much more than self-expression, it becomes an opportunity to connect and make sense of the unexplainable things in our world. It allows us to escape, to leave behind the modern-day world and be more present. That feeling of being able to create something you are proud to share with the world can often be a double-edged sword. Being creative is, at times, heartbreaking and equally rewarding.

Creative expression leaves a legacy long after we are gone, there is something beautiful in that. One of my most treasured possessions is a mosaic art piece of my Grandmothers. Art connects us in such a unique way. I had a Canon DSLR 5D Mark ii sitting in my cupboard for years and the thought of learning how to use it just overwhelmed me. I am not a comfortable learner. If something doesn’t flow naturally for me, I need to find a way to make things click in my mind. I start on the most frustrating path of learning by doing, failing, trying again, giving up and revisiting over and over again. 

The Creative Series Blog

Not taking the time to understand basic camera fundamentals can make this process tedious. I needed some insight into the learning journey of other photographers whose work inspired me. To see if something about the way they had learnt develop their imagery overtime would create some kind of ah-ha moment. I was lucky enough to become inundated with photographers from various genres who were happy to be interviewed. In doing this, I realised the information being shared with me would likely benefit anyone else interested in learning photography, and this was how The Creative Series began.

The idea was to showcase fellow creatives, filmmakers, photographers, and entrepreneurs and provide a platform to share their personal story, the struggles and their creative vision. We often forget the person behind the lens, capturing the image. The artist and their own journey to their chosen medium. This website was the perfect opportunity to discover what inspired these individuals into their chosen field. In turn, I hope it encourages others to pick up a camera, a paintbrush or travel the world. 

The Creative Series - Kat