Are we really the first generation to be worse off?


Unfortunately this is true, we already are the first generation in modern economic history to be worse off than any other generation before us. In terms of our health, fertility, financial stability, physical, and mental well-being and total debt. As a society we are lonelier than ever.

How did this happen?

Corporate and government corruption is a good place to start. The rich keep getting rich and the poor just keep struggling even more. The bureaucracy from massive industries that control our government’s policies, and the complacency of people who sit idly and let it continue to happen. We need to start actively fighting for change !

After the global financial crisis of 2008 climbing underemployment, has hit young people particularly hard.

As we brace for what is likely to be the next big financial crisis, things are looking a little hopeless. It has already been rough and it is about to get worse. While we never fully recovered after the last recession. When it hits, I am unsure what the result of this aftermath will be.

When more doctors, nurses, social workers, police, fireman and paramedics are under significant mental and emotional distress, the heart of our community is in crisis.

Our health is something, not even money can fix, but associated poor health outcomes are directly related to financial stress and work pressures.

The Current Situation for Millennials

  • Buying a home is more expensive, making the required deposit much more challenging to obtain.

  • Rents are higher.

  • University is more expensive.

  • Health insurance is a significant financial burden.

  • Social media and technology has harmed the physical and mental health of its users.

  • Our personal data as a commodity is worth more now than oil.

  • The political instability. With Brexit, The Trump administration and frankly the Australian government has a lot to answer for.

  • Climate Change when will people wake up

So how do we fix it?

I believe this will continue to push innovation to a new level where you will see a real shift away from tradition jobs. And the beginning of even more entrepreneurial enterprise.

The truth is, we all experience stress however it becomes unhealthy when we experience constantly high levels. Learning to be venerable when we feel overwhelmed and getting support when things get tough is an essential step to better mental health.

Rebuilding communities would be an amazing way to reestablish much needed connection with our peers.

Self-care is essential we need to put our physical and mental wellbeing above all else.

Minimalist lifestyles — The shift away from consumerism is likely to influence this generation to consider the importance of things versus real experiences.

What do you think?