How Pinterest Can Inspire you and Drive Website Traffic


First things first, change your account to a business board, then claim your website. Think of Pinterest as a search engine of imagery. It’s very relevant to anyone who learns visually. While being noted as an essential tool if you have a blog, use Instagram or are wanting to get your business out into the world wide web.

It is the least time consuming of all social platforms and definitely the most rewarding for traffic to your website. Think of all the amazing travel destinations you would like to go to. Pin all the photography genres that inspire you and create a mood board of colours and designs that spark creativity. These visual cues not only help inspire your creativity but they also assist in driving traffic to your website.

Having boards full of inspiring imagery and art can encourage your creative flow, especially if your feeling like you have lost your drive to produce new and original work. Pinterest is a beautiful way to remain motivated and help encourage you to try new concepts in photography or any other creative avenue. It can also show you a blog that has tutorials about editing, new techniques or travel guides for future travel plans.

If you have the Pinterest share feature on your website any images can then be shared these link back to your website from their own board which in turn will drive website traffic to you. Every time you write a new blog, pin all your images to the relevant board and create a few blog specific images with titles using something like the Unfold or Canva app.

Happy Pinning