Broome Adventures and Photography Locations by Katherine Nielsen

The Perfect Photography Locations in Broome

Broome is usually expensive, and we opt to go to Singapore or Bali for the same price instead. As it’s off-season here, Virgin had some deals that were too good to pass up.

A coastal town with a rich history, Broome has some of the most majestic landscapes and contrasting colours I have ever seen. We travelled in March which meant it was over 30 degree’s daily and the humidity was extreme with rain daily and incredible lightning displays at night.

To get around here and see some of these fantastic places, you will absolutely need a 4WD. We hired ours from the airport and used Europcar as they have an affiliation with Velocity Rewards more points equals more travel opportunities.

We chose to stay at the Mantra Frangipani which is really Close to Cable Beach without the extortionate price tag. It was a pleasant and comfortable stay here.

1. Cable Beach 

The sky lights up with fiery, yellows and oranges at sunset. This is where you will locate the camels walking along this stretch of beach. There are so many places to photograph here.

Broome Adventures and Photography Locations

2. Gantheaume Point 

This felt a little like Mars but the sculptural red rocks contrasting with the bluest ocean. Red rocks + blue water = the perfect contrast.

3. Matso’s Brewery

This is Australia’s most remote brewery and If you haven’t tried their Mango or Ginger Beer you have been missing out. You can grab some lunch here and a tasting plate of their beers before continuing on your adventures.

This was a great place just to chill out and cool down.

See their website for further information.

Broome Adventures and Photography Locations

4. Mangroves Restaurant

This was my favourite place to eat as I was otherwise disappointed by the over-priced and often bland food in Broome. Mangroves however provided some exceptional Greek Food for their Greek week, we ate here twice.

Overlooking Roebuck Bay we were treated to a lightning show common for this time of year and watched rather large hermit crabs race along the grass. This has a beautiful atmosphere, and I would highly recommend it here.

5. Roebuck Bay

This location had that incredible turquoise water, green mangroves and red cliff which are just spectacular in real life.

Be aware of crocodiles but look out for dolphins and turtles. Definitely, some magical drone captures to be had here. The tidal variations make for some dramatic landscapes.

Broome Adventures and Photography Locations

6. Willie Creek Pearl Farm

To get here you need a 4WD without question we drove through a storm cell, and the road was quick to turn boggy and slippery. Allow for an hour to get here. This place was picturesque to photograph. The incredible blue water and sand patterns were magnificent.

If you plan to see the pearl farm check that it’s open before you drive all the way just for that. Not that you would be disappointed once you get here.

Broome has so many magical places to explore that three days just wasn’t enough to do it justice but enough to make me want to come back and adventure some more.

It would be wonderful if Airlines maintained these lower fares to make this a more affordable destination for all. For even more information about travel to Broome and surrounds see the tourism website

Broome Adventures and Photography Locations