Six Magazines Worth buying If Your A Creative Or Travel Enthusiast

White Horses

White Horses

The Sea Has Stories is the theme throughout this unique and progressive magazine. Full of breathtaking ocean images and personal stories from ocean frother’s, travellers and adventurers . It comes out quarterly and would fit into the ocean lifestyle genre.

As a surf magazine this one is in a league of it’s own. I am always partial to a company that represents and supports female athletes and surf photographers especially in this heavily male dominated industry. Beautifully crafted with 130+ pages of images and thoughtful pieces of writing.

This is definitely one to subscribe to click HERE

Woman Kind

WomanKind - A New Era For Women

is an women's magazine completely free from rubbish advertising. It features some of the top journalists, authors and artists in a 132 page magazine that focuses on culture, creativity, philosophy, nature and ways to live a life that is more fulfilling. It is a print that encourages readers to think differently.

Many of the articles point out influences on our daily lives – such as the fashion industry, our careers and the products we consume. Encouraging a more mindful approach to a celebrity and influencer heavy market.

This magazine for those of you who know there is a better way. Subscribe Here

Frankie Magazine


This is an Australian magazine for creatives and free thinkers. Filled with art, design, travel, photography, music, craft, lifestyle, culture and real-life stories.

The fashion pages feature unique and local designers. With creative features on design, current trends and emerging artists. The music scene is covered with interviews, reviews and features on upcoming talent here and globally.

If you enjoy quirky and unique features this just might be the magazine for you.

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Breathe Magazine


magazine focuses on key themes each issue which include wellbeing, mindfulness, creativity and escaping. All of my favourite things. Full of inspirational quotes. Thought provoking features, craft ideas, photography tips and travel suggestions.

This is a really beautiful magazine that seeks only to encourage you to explore the world and look after yourself a little more so curl up on the couch with a cup of herbal tea and relax with this great read.

They also offer a version go this magazine for Teenagers which I wish I had instead of the horrific titles of my day like Dolly that were full of really irresponsible and misguided advice about growing up. Subscribe HERE

Travel - Play - Live

Travel - Play - Live

This is another Australian based magazine that focuses on womens travel and adventure lifestyle. Aimed at females from all walks of life.

This magazine is all about empowering women to embrace the wild and get outdoors to explore more often. Full of real life inspiration stories from travellers and athletes.



This is definitely more like your conventional glossy magazine with celebrity features and standard advertising. Available monthly it does however offer some unique and relevant features.

They focus on seven key themes throughout each issue such as travel, culture, well-being, culinary delights, home, beauty and style.